About Our Group

ProtectNatureTO is an umbrella group advocating for the protection of wildlife and natural areas across the City of Toronto. Our group includes representatives from a number of Toronto-based nature and stewardship groups. We connect with other nature organizations, scientific experts and concerned individuals in Toronto and beyond.

We passionately believe it’s time to get serious about protecting natural places and wildlife in Toronto.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a green sustainable city where natural areas, including the plants and animals that depend on these habitats, are celebrated, respected, protected and managed responsibly for the long term. This will be a city where biodiversity thrives and endures. The people who live in this city will be able to experience ecologically healthy green spaces for their own mental and physical well-being, and to maintain and cultivate a personal connection with nature.

Our Story

Each of us participates in nature-related activities at a local or city-wide level: contributing time to do hands-on stewardship work, organizing or leading public walks and talks, producing educational handouts and websites, speaking up for nature on local advisory committees, or simply visiting favourite natural areas to enjoy the birds, butterflies and flowers.

We have come together because we see how our natural areas are being neglected and negatively impacted in our rapidly growing city. We are particularly concerned about the effects on wildlife and biodiversity. Nature is very resilient but there are limits to how much abuse it can take. The current downward trend of overuse, inappropriate use and neglect resulting in degradation must be reversed if this rich natural heritage is to endure for the long term.
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