Election 2022


What will you do to preserve biodiversity and natural heritage in your Provincial ward and across Toronto?

Toronto is not just an artificial island composed of concrete, asphalt, glass and steel. Our city is an integral living part of the earth.

Our natural areas are under constant pressures from inappropriate uses, growing recreational demands, development, invasive species and climate change.

Fortunately, these areas are protected to a significant degree by policies, bylaws and strategies. But protective measures can only make a real difference if they are funded, implemented and enforced.

How You Can Help — Download and print (two-sided if you can) the applicable Candidate’s Questions & Map handout and give it to candidates running for City Council. You can also use it to ask a question at an all-candidates meeting or at your door. Let candidates know that our natural heritage matters!

Candidate’s Questions & Map for: 

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Source: City of Toronto Interactive Map (Toronto Maps v2)

See also: Laws, Plans & Strategies – links to key City documents