Contact 311 and Your Elected Officials

You can call anonymously!

If you see improper use or anything else that concerns you:

Call 311 or email

  • Give details: date, time of day, location, description of the person (and dog if applicable), type of activity.
  • Speak up. If you speak out about an issue, the City is more likely to act. Reports to 311 help bylaw officers plan their work more effectively.
  • If you give your name to 311, it will be kept in confidence and only given to the bylaw officer. You can also call 311 anonymously.
  • Do not engage in direct conflict with other park users.

Contact your local councillor (even if the park is in a different ward from where you live). Also copy or contact the mayor. It is up to City Council to provide adequate funds for bylaw enforcement and protection of natural areas. Let the councillors and the mayor know that you want better protection for nature and wildlife.

City Committee Meetings

You can sign up to get agendas and minutes of City committee meetings here:

This will give you an opportunity to make submissions or present a deputation on issues that matter to you.

Some tips on making a deputation:

  • You can only speak (or submit comments) to an item on the agenda, which you identify when you request to speak. This means you get notice of about a week to 10 days when the agenda is posted. Occasionally items are added to the agenda on the day of the meeting.
  • You have 5 minutes to speak (or less in exceptional cases).  
  • You may use audiovisual devices (laptops, etc.) but will probably need tech support from the staff on hand to set it up (councillors can get impatient during this process). 
  • Each councillor has 5 minutes after your presentation to ask you questions. This can be an opportunity to elaborate on what you want to say.
  • Councillors have a very heavy workload.  When submitting written comments, preface your report with a cover letter similar in length to your speaking notes.

For more ways to keep informed and get involved, see My Local Government.