Responsible Use

How to Practise Low‑Impact Dog Walking

  • Use a designated off-leash area when you want your dog to run free. This is the only place in a park where your dog may be off-leash. Be sure to follow the Code of Conduct for Off-Leash Areas.
  • Everywhere else in a park, your dog must be on-leash.
  • Keep your dog under your control at all times.
  • Do not ever let your dog chase wildlife.
  • Avoid going close to waterfowl and other birds.
  • Keep your dog out of wetlands, creeks or bodies of water.
  • When you walk through natural areas, be as quiet as possible. Stay on trail to avoid trampling plants and compacting the soil.
  • Always pick up after your pet and dispose of the poop in the proper receptacle.
  • Respect other park users.
  • Be the eyes and ears for the park. Contact 311 to report park abuses, 911 for emergencies.